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The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A , CAL3K-F.

The access to the keyboard commands is restricted by a password. The password can be changed from a PC connected to the USB port and the CAL3K management software. Once the password is entered in the CAL3K_AP the restriction is lifted for a specific time. For keyboard password see: KEYBOARD PASSWORD

Two levels of keyboard access are possible:

OPEN 0 The command is always active and accessible
PASSWORD 1 The command is active once the password is satisfied

The OPEN commands include the minimum essential requirements like:

  • MASS entry
  • SID, GID entry
  • Starting a calibration

The PASSWORD commands include:

  • Changing the operating unit of measure from MJ to BTU to CAL
  • Changing balance speed
  • Other

Since operational requirements differ from one installation to another, and this explanation applies to all, it is hard to say which keyboard commands would be OPEN. However, there is a way to find out:

Press ESC, then press UP ARROW (or DOWN ARROW) repeatedly and the OPEN commands are displayed on the LCD display.

CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Escape Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - Down Arrow Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - Up Arrow Key | DDS Calorimeters

Please note that the ‘PASSWORD’ entry command is included in the OPEN command set. This indicates that it is active. The password CANNOT be changed from the keyboard, ONLY from the PC.

If the password is known, then it can be entered and all PASSWORD commands together with the OPEN commands are visible. The password will automatically turn itself off after a while.

The CAL3K is shipped with a default password installed. See Details: KEYBOARD PASSWORD

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