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Unlocking the Secrets of Bomb Calorimeters Users: Who Uses Them and Why?

Calorimeters are mainly used in the coal industry, i.e. coal fired power stations, iron and steel plants, cement plants and other users of coal. However, they are often used in other non-coal related industries.

Some examples of other industries are :

  • Animal Feeds - various experimental types of maize are analyzed to determine their nutritional value
  • Calorimeters are used in experiments related to animal digestion of feeds
  • Dairy products and other foods are analyzed for calorific value
  • Ammunition propellants are analyzed for their effectiveness
  • Liquid fuels can also be analyzed in a similar way to coal

Colleges and Universities often use calorimeters as both training aids and for research and development in their departments, which include : Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Zoology, and Animal Sciences.

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