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Upgrading from the CAL2K Calorimeters to CAL3K Calorimeters

Upgrading from the CAL2K Calorimeters to the CAL3K Calorimeters | DDS Calorimeters


The CAL2K Bomb Calorimeter series has been around for over 12 years and it has become the standard/benchmark for others to follow. The CAL2K Calorimeter range consisted of an ECO Calorimeter, E2K Calorimeter and the CAL2K Bomb Calorimeter Systems. Each system was perfectly suited for their market segment, providing years of service with unparalleled reliability. But there comes a time when all good things come to an end. 10 Years ago we would have found it difficult to upgrade the CAL2K range as it was perfect, exactly what the customer required. Today, thanks to modern technology and customer feedback, we have released the CAL3K range of bomb calorimeter systems.

Upgrading from the CAL2K Calorimeters to the CAL3K Calorimeters | DDS Calorimeters


The CAL2K range of bomb calorimeters are still going to be supported for another 10 years, but as and when components become obsolete for servicing the calorimeters, so the range will come to an end. To breathe fresh life into our popular benchmark calorimeter range, we have designed an upgrade path that replaces the old and frail electronic parts with CAL3K technology. It is a plug-and-play type upgrade that will provide USB communication as standard. Customers will be able to perform the upgrade themselves by following a detailed set of instructions. The best part is that the cost of the upgrade is approximately 1/5 of your original purchase price for basically a new machine.

Upgrading from the CAL2K Calorimeters to the CAL3K Calorimeters | DDS Calorimeters


The CAL2K upgrade package also allows your old calorimeter to operate with your older CAL2K and the new CAL3K Bayonet Bombs. This is an amazing feature! There are a number of reasons why the CAL3K bombs are superior, the most obvious one being the bayonet lid. Speak to any CAL3K operator and he will tell you the weight is much lighter; speak to any CAL3K laboratory manager and he will tell you the accuracy is much better. Both are true - we have reduced the weight by 15% and increased the accuracy by 5x, and made it noticeably shorter. The communication structure is completely different between the two bombs, to such an extent that the new CAL3K Bayonet Bomb will not communicate in a CAL2K chassis, unless the upgrade package is installed. With the upgrade package you are able to use the old and new bomb vessels in a calorimeter.

Upgrading from the CAL2K Calorimeters to the CAL3K Calorimeters | DDS Calorimeters


So the question is : "Why purchase a CAL3K Calorimeter if the old one can be upgraded?". The simple answer is that our benchmark CAL2K calorimeter range is coming to an end and will be replaced with the CAL3K Calorimeter range. We are providing the ECO and E2K upgrade package as an intermediate step, extending the operational life of the old calorimeter for another few years. Laboratory equipment should be replaced every 5 to 8 years so as to keep the operator safe from failing parts. For this reason it is recommended, as a long term solution, that the entire calorimeter system be replaced by a CAL3K system. However, the upgrade package does allow you to purchase the new CAL3K Bayonet Bomb Vessels with your old calorimeter and when the time comes, the CAL3K bomb vessels can be used with your new CAL3K Calorimeter system, reducing wasteful expenditure and spreading your investment over time.

Upgrading from the CAL2K Calorimeters to the CAL3K Calorimeters | DDS Calorimeters


14 Years ago, when the CAL2K was designed, USB communication was not an option. Now the table has turned. RS232 communication is longer available on most new PC's, but USB communication is. The CAL3K calorimeter range has USB communication as standard. The amount of data that is now available to the end user is just amazing :

  • Bomb Temperatures
  • Daily Statistics
  • Calorific Value Results
  • Calorimeter & Bomb Tests
  • Event Logging
  • Operational Logging

In short : the CAL3K is well suited for the modern laboratory environment where communication and data analysis is the order of the day.


The CAL3K bomb vessel is cheaper to run on a day to day basis. The quantity of consumables used per day will remain the same, as will the cost of the consumables. Except one. The Center Electrode is now sold in two parts. The most wear on the center electrode assembly is on the stem, closest to the crucible. This part can now be replaced at an affordable price without changing the top of the center electrode. This almost halves the replacement expense of the center electrode.

Bomb reconditioning was a requirement for the CAL2K bomb vessels because of the lid construction. The new CAL3K bomb vessel lid is a bayonet type. The lid does not require reconditioning, just an annual inspection. So again the running cost have been reduced and the time the bomb spends away from the laboratory for reconditioning (normally 6 weeks), is now zero. Your local agent doing an on-site visit can perform the lid inspection of the CAL3K bomb vessel.


The CAL2K Calorimeter range has truly been a benchmark system. The CAL3K has managed to exceed all expectations and is ready to become the next benchmark in calorimeter design and engineering.

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