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Temperature Resolution | CAL3K Features

Calorimeters require a high temperature resolution because the result has a high resolution. Despite the inaccuracies in the sample preparation a calorific value (CV) is expressed with 3 or 4 decimal digits.

The following components affect a CV of, let's say, 26KJ/g as follows :

Deviation From
Mass 0.0001g 0.5g 0.02% 0.0052KJ/g
Temperature 0.0001°C 13°C 0.0008% 0.0002KJ/g

The CAL3K vessel has a temperature resolution of 0.000'001°C and the affect is :

Temperature 0.000'001°C 13°C 0.000'008% 0.000'002KJ/g

The temperature of the vessel is measured inside the vessel wall with platinum sensors and its own microprocessor.

This assures a predictable temperature conversion in an almost noise-free environment.

Note that the inaccuracies are dependent on the mass and the temperature rise!


This is a conventional term, but related to the heat capacity. The Bomb factor is approx. 1 KJ/C. In practice this means that 0.5g Benzoic Acid results in ~13.2°C rise. Then the calorific value CV=13.2C / 0.5g x 1KJ/C = 25.4KJ/g.

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The high speed operation is the result of a couple of innovations: The stainless steel mass is less in relation to the heat sink (aluminium sleeve). A 25% reduction was achieved....

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The CAL3K system uses the SMART CAL3K bomb vessel. The bomb vessel is the first of its kind, and is the heart of the CAL3K system. Its sophisticated design allows the temperature to be measured to six decimal places in degrees Celsius. The vessel is an intelligent (SMART) vessel with a microprocessor built into its base.

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