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System Configuration

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F

The maximum CAL3K system consists of:

7 CAL3K units, Part Number : 3K-1
N Vessels Part Number : 3K-4
N Air Coolers Part Number : 3K-2

The minimum CAL3K system consists of:

1 CAL3K units Part Number : 3K-1
1 Vessels Part Number : 3K-4
1 Air Coolers Part Number : 3K-2
1 Filling Station Part Number : 3K-3

The system timing depends on the timing of the CAL3K and the Air Cooler .

Here are the individual operating times:

CAL3K Air Cooler

The cooling cycle depends on the room temperature: A warmer room temperature results in longer cooling times. The Cooler ‘READY’ time can be adjusted to suit your operating conditions, but an average of 7 minutes per cooling cycle is the design target. A cooling cycle of 5 minutes is about the fastest cooling which can be achieved. If this is not fast enough then more coolers and Vessels must be added to the system.

Cooling the vessel any other way is NOT allowed, and NOT recommended.

CAL3K Calorimeter

The operating cycle consists of:

INITIAL PERIOD: 1.6 to 3 minutes. Default=3 minutes, Dynamic

MAIN PERIOD: 1.6 to 4.8 minutes. Default=3 minutes, Dynamic

The CAL3K timing depends on the type of calorimeter you have purchased, the laboratory environment and the performance analysis of the ‘IntelCal’ system calibration. The accuracy and repeat-ability play a major part in the overall timing.


The CAL3K leaves the factory with a 6-8 minute cycle which corresponds to the average Air Cooler cycle. The CAL3K can be made faster without any sacrifices in accuracy and repeatability if the ‘IntelCal’ data support it. The fastest CAL3K cycle targeted is: 2 minutes initial + 2 minutes main = 4 minutes. This would require 1 extra cooler and one extra vessel.

One should not forget the human site of the timing cycle. One operator can prepare up to two CAL3K’s with 4 vessels total.

Consult the factory for the best solution to your calorific requirement!


The cooler 3K-2 can be controlled from the CAL3K or via the USB port at the rear. Another way to change the cooling parameters is to connect the cooler to a PC via the USB interface and change the parameters.

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The cooler is the slowest system component. We have optimised it as best we can; but it is slow! It cools a vessel down by blowing air at it. Not a very efficient way, BUT very resource friendly and economical.

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The CAL3K has a help function built in. It is accessible with the F10 key. The help display is supposed to give in any situation or operation a running comment.

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