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Firing Cotton 3K-4-065

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Firing cotton is used in the complete lid assembly, attached to the firing wire. The firing cotton is used as a fuse to ignite the sample charge in an oxygen bomb calorimeter. A sample is burned in a pressurized oxygen atmosphere to measure the thermal energy, which is released by the burning process.

Packaging: The firing cotton is packaged in 1 bundle of 100 threads.

Compatibility: CAL3K-A / CAL3K-AP / CAL3K-F / CAL3K-S / CAL3K-ST / 3K-4 Vessel / 3K-5 Vessel / 3K-5S Vessel / 4K-4 Vessel

Life Span: The firing cotton thread lasts for one firing. The firing cotton should be replaced after every firing. The supplied cotton is of a consistent length and energy and the calorific value of the cotton can be compensated for in the wire and cotton compensation.

The cotton must be tied to the wire in a fashion that both ends hang into the crucible. This can be achieved by putting both ends together and creating a loop. Then put the loop close to the wire, and pull the ends through the loop with tweezers.

The firing cotton material is not important. Cotton was chosen because it is readily available and inexpensive. All cotton threads must be of equal length and consistency.

The actual sample ignition process works as follows : The calorimeter waits until the firing conditions are met. Then it sends a very large current through the electrodes inside the “bomb” or vessel. The current heats up the firing wire. The bomb is pressurized with oxygen and the firing cotton, which is tied to the wire, bursts into flames, falls into the crucible and ignites the sample material.


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