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Certified Benzoic Acid Tablets 3K-4-084

SKU: 3K-4-084

Certified Benzoic Acid Tablets (150 x large 0.5g tablets per bottle)

Benzoic Acid Tablets in Calorimetry:

Benzoic acid is the most commonly used chemical standard to determine the heat capacity of a bomb calorimeter. Benzoic Acid Tablets are used for calibration and standardization of bomb calorimeter systems and the tablets form a vital part of the bomb calorimeter’s consumables. Please contact us or your nearest agent for pricing on the new Benzoic Acid Tablets.


Benzoic Acid is packaged in a bottle of 150 tablets for 0.5g Benzoic Acid tablets.

Application (How to use Benzoic Acid Tablets):

Benzoic Acid is used in the complete lid assembly, which is used in the vessel for calibration and calorific determinations.

Compatibility: CAL3K-A / CAL3K-AP / CAL3K-F / CAL3K-S / CAL3K-ST

Life Span (How long will Benzoic Acid Tablets last?):

A Benzoic Acid tablet lasts for the duration of one firing. A Benzoic Acid Tablet should be replaced after every firing.


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