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The system can display your calorific value result in all 3 units of measure.

This option changes the units of measure in which the results are displayed.

The Calorimeter always calculates in KJ/g but converts the result to the chosen unit of measurement for the display and transmission to the ports.

Some units allow the display of resolution to be changed from high to low:
Unit High Low
KJ/g xx.xxxx xx.xx
Kcal/g xx.xxxx
KBU xx.xxxx xx.xx
The unit of measurement can be selected from the keyboard!


The CAL3K works in MJ/Kg=KJ/g. All its internal calculations are performed in Kj/g. However, the display units and the exported CV units can be changed to CAL or BTU as follows...

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All units are equipped with a HELP (F10) feature. It explains what the problem is, what the consequences are, and how to get around it.

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The CAL3K functions from a set of operating parameters, which can be set from any port, the keyboard or from embedded defaults.

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