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Remote Access

All CAL3K products have a REMOTE-CONTROL feature.

This allows the setting up and operation of a unit in the field via the internet. It also serves well when satellite laboratories need to be controlled or setup.

The remote control requires a local PC connected to the CAL3K and a remote PC. Both PC’s must be connected to the internet and must have a team access APP such as TEAM or ANYDESK operating. All units are supplied with the REMOTE3K software which facilitates the link to the CAL3K.

When everything is linked then the CAL3K LCD display is copied to the local and remote PC and any keyboard entry on the CAL3K, local or remote PC, is visible and copied to every screen.

This is important when the unit is operated in a non-English speaking country and the operator struggles with the ‘hydrographic’ command structure. We, the designers, struggle with this as well!If a printing operation is initiated via the remote link, then the printout happens on the remote port, so that everyone can see the data.

The remote link cancels itself 1 minute after disconnecting. Any of the available ports can be used for the remote link.

The remote feature can be used to ‘milk’ data from a remote location.

Remote Access CAL3K Features | DDS Calorimeters

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