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Read Firing Volts

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F.

The ‘READ….’ Keyboard commands are ‘non-influential’, they just monitor in real time a particular condition.

To activate the reading of the firing charger voltage type:

CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Escape Key | DDS Calorimeters Exit, Clear Command Entry
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - R Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - E Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - A Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - D Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - Spacebar Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - F Key | DDS Calorimeters Start of command
Read Firing Volt
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters Accept Command

The firing voltage should be very close to the setting of 25Volts.


The firing voltage determines the amount of energy put into the firing wire to make it glow and ignite the cotton fuse. There are no strict rules on how to setup the firing voltage. A setting of 25V is standard. If the wire blows off with every firing then the voltage is set too high. You should get approximately 50 firings out of one wire.

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The sample is ignited by sending a current through the firing wire. This makes the wire glow, which in turn ignites the cotton thread, which in turn ignites the sample. The cotton and wire correction compensates for the electrical firing wire energy and the energy of the burned cotton.

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The pressure transducer which monitors the vessel pressure for Filling and oxygen leakage needs to be offset adjusted so that it reads ZERO at atmospheric pressure. Although a pressure offset of 0.2 bar makes no difference to the CV determination, it can cause concern during the safety precautions and the power up check.

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