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Read Drift & Stability

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F.

The ‘READ’ Keyboard commands are ‘non-influential’, they just monitor in real time a particular condition.

To activate the reading of the drift and stability type:

CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Escape Key | DDS Calorimeters Exit, Clear Command Entry
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - R Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - E Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - A Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - D Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - Spacebar Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - D Key | DDS Calorimeters Start of command
Reading Drift and Stability
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters Accept Command

The DRIFT displays the temperature changes every 6 seconds. A negative sign indicates that the vessel temperature decreases.

The STABILITY is the ABSOLUTE difference to the drift changes (It is the second’s derivative of the temperature).


This CAL3K saves every result in its internal memory. A portion of each result can be read out on the display. The full result is available on the PC or on a printer.

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The firing conditions are contained in the DEFAULT parameters and operating MODES if applicable. In general terms the firing conditions are fixed by the factory in the default settings. Only the CAL3K-A and CAL3K-AP have an "EXPERIMENTAL" mode which allows the free settings. In all other machines and modes the setting can be changed to your liking but they will return to the DEFAULT settings after a power up or abort.

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The ‘READ’ Keyboard commands are ‘non-influential’, they just monitor in real time a particular condition.

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    Dear Sir,
    Please note that our systems are supplied and supported by our agent in Thailand, Charan Associates. Therefore this enquiry will need to be directed to our agents who are Exclusive in Thailand and from whom you would have purchased the system originally. I will ask our agent to contact you directly. Please could you provide an email address. Thank you

  2. Dear Sir
    I come from Thailand.I have CAL 3 K-U calorimeter.In the next few days I will be audited by the government.I have some any question ergently.
    1.Which reference standard for temp senser in bomb vesel ?
    2. Your brochoure imform resoluble temp is 0.000001 celcius degree.Do you have reference document certificate?Please can you sent me.
    This bomb calorimeter is new technology for Thailand for environmental testing.If I can present to Thai goverment concerned.You can buy this meachine in thailand more than these.I made heat testing more 20 years.I like your technology and it very good.But I cannot tell other person because I have not temperature reference document .Please send me,I thank so much.
    Best regards,

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