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The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A,CAL3K-F.

The CAL3K has four communication ports for connecting to the outside. These ports are:

USB 2.0 Prime access port, short distance, no restrictions
DATA#1 RS232, 1.2 - 115.2Kb, 10-30 meter distance
DATA#2 RS232, 115.2Kb, 10-30 meter distance
(BALANCE RS232, 1200 – 38400 baud, 10-30 meter distance)

The operations of the RS232 ports #1 and #2 can be restricted via the USB port.

In addition the PORT D1 can be assigned to printing or LIMS output only.

The DATA# 1, 2 ports are meant to be connected to REMOTE devices. The restrictions apply to the ‘operational powers’ of these ports. A good example is the ability to RESET the CAL3K: If the unit is reset from a remote device during the main period then the determination is aborted and the result is lost.

Here is a list of possible port restrictions:

  • Delete Results Enable
  • Clear Event Log Enable
  • Perform a temperature calibration enable
  • Load default parameters enable
  • Load Vessel default parameter enable
  • Load default ID parameters enable
  • Reset enable

The list may change with time. Note that there are no restrictions to uploading data, or any form of data retrieval!

The three ports are functional the same, apart from the restrictions. This implies that the port#1 and port#2 restrictions must be changed from the USB port.

The location of the ports depend on your calorimeter type. The ports are clearly labeled.

If you’re PC for data handling (LIMS) has no RS232 connector then the Wire Replacing adapter set is recommended.

All ports are bi-directional and respond to requests issued by the remote device. If a port is supporting LIMS operations, then the port is OUTPUT only and data are send to the ports ‘unsolicited’ when they become available.


The CAL3K has three ports to connect a PC or laptop to. These ports are: USB. Distance approx. 2 meters. Ideally suitable for laptops. A USB cable is supplied in the 3K-1-KT (USBCABAB), RS232 DATA D1 Port. Distance approx. 20-50 meters. Speed: 1.2 - 115.2Kb, RS232 DATA D2 Port. BLUETOOTH. Speed 115.2Kb.

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The LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a global term describing a laboratory software that collects operational data from many laboratory instruments for the purpose of collating the data for analytical managerial purposes. The LIMS software (not supplied) on your central computer is different in all laboratories and the operating requirements....

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