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PC Setup File Operations

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A,CAL3K-F.

The PC software includes a method by which a parameter or a calibration can be changed via a ‘File’. This File is a small internet friendly text file and it can be executed by the CAL3K software. To use this facility (and try it out) locate the small icon on the far left item bar and open it.

You will find a RESET file in the list

Connect the PC to the CAL3K via the USB cable and then select the RESET file and click on LOAD. Observe the CAL3K front panel: It performs a ‘power up’.

Of course you can reset the CAL3K remotely in other ways than with a SETUP FILE, but it demonstrates that the CAL3K can be setup from a ‘internet friendly’ transmission. The above example is silly, but imagine that we (the manufacturer) find a better way or a special procedure for the determination of a combustible sample and we send you a file (via E-mail) which contains all the instructions.

A SETUP FILE has access to ALL fields and parameters in the CAL3K and in the vessel, as long as the vessel is in the well. A SETUP file is protected and secure.

The SETUP screen has some buttons:

BROWSE This lets you browse through your PC and you can locate the just received email
EXPORT You can export a SETUP file and transmit it to a branch
IMPORT Import a SETUP file
LOAD Once you have selected a SETUP file it will be executed with the LOAD button
CLOSE It closes the screen
DELETE Will delete the selected SETUP file.
EDIT Not visible, restricted access!


The CAL3K has three ports to connect a PC or laptop to. These ports are : USB, RS232 DATA D1, RS232 DATA D2. The two RS232 ports are functional the same, just the name changes. This means you can connect a BLUETOOTH device to either RS232 port. Connecting a BLUETOOTH or other wireless device to the USB port is not recommended.

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The CAL3K has a help function built in. It is accessible with the F10 key. The help display is supposed to give in any situation or operation a running comment. That was the intention! Sometimes it does not work as well as intended because of display priorities.

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The cooler 3K-2 can be controlled from the CAL3K or via the USB port at the rear. The Control from the CAL3K works as follows: The Cooler parameters are entered in the CAL3K, When the vessel is inserted in the well these parameters are entered in the Vessel, When the vessel is inserted in the cooler then these parameters are loaded in to the cooler...

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