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Operating Parameters | CAL3K Features

The CAL3K functions from a set of operating parameters, which are set from embedded defaults.

The operating parameters control the calorimeter functions such as timing, calibration and result display.

Most operating parameters are available on the keyboard, but some are reserved for the factory.

The accessibility of the parameters changes with the various systems.

We have endeavoured to place all recommended parameters in default settings which can be installed from the keyboard.

It is recommended to operate the unit with the default parameters.


The system can display your calorific value result in all 3 units of measure. This option changes the units of measure in which the results are displayed. The Calorimeter always calculates in KJ/g but converts the result to the chosen unit of measurement for the display and transmission to the ports.

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The keyboard command functions are restricted via a password. The most used parameters (functions) are accessible without restrictions. As an example: The Setting of Benzoic Acid (BA) calibration standard is password restricted. The default password is ‘DDS3K’. Your own password can be set via the PC software.

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Not everyone is the same and not all laboratories operate on the same guidelines. We have tried to make the CAL3K as flexible as possible and in return introduced complexity. The unit is shipped with the "DDS3K" key password installed and activated. The password is automatically activated after timeout.

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