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No Water Required | CAL3K Features

With the dry method, the water and container are replaced by a temperature conductive aluminium jacket which is shrunk over the stainless steel body of the vessel at a very high pressure and forms an integral part of the Vessel.

The temperature sensors are equally spaced around the vessel body in between the aluminium jacket and the stainless steel body.

This method eliminates all the problems with water and results in very fast temperature equilibrium, with a fixed heat capacity.


The calibration of the CAL3K is a process in which a substance (Benzoic Acid, BA) of known calorific value is burned so that future burning of unknown substances can be compared to it. In other words the calibration records all the system variables such as temperature rise and heat loss in memory. All this data is called a calibration field. The calibrations are stored in the vessel.

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To perform a standard calibration using Benzoic Acid Tablets you will need: A working oxygen bomb calorimeter system connected to a power source, A CAL3K Manual Oxygen Filing Station connected to an oxygen supply (not needed when using the CAL3K-AP Calorimeter)...

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The CAL3K system uses two calibrations: Keyboard calibration, in real time, one sample, average with last ‘n’ calibrations, PC calibration, in retrospect, multiple samples. The PC calibration is called ‘IntelCal’ because of its complexity and system effectiveness.

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