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Mass Entry, Balance

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F.

The CAL3K has a balance port.

The default baud rate of the balance port is 2400 baud. The Baud rate can be changed with a PC or from the keyboard (Password). Connect the balance via the balance interface cable (CAL2K-BC) to the CAL3K.

Once the cable is connected:

Press F5 and wait until the balance displays a stable weight. This is normally indicated by a ‘g’ in the balance display. As soon as the balance transmits the weight it appears on the CAL3K display after the equal sign. Press Enter, this locks the mass into the top line.

CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Escape Key | DDS Calorimeters Exit, Clear command entry
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - F5 Key | DDS Calorimeters Balance Mass = 0.xxxxx
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters Accept Value

The presence of a balance input is indicated on the CAL3K LCD display by the word ‘Balance=’.

Mass Limits

The CAL3K performs a mass limit check every time a new mass is entered. The Minimum and Maximum mass limits can be set on a PC.

The default limits are:

Minimum Mass: 0.2 gr

Maximum Mass: 1.5 gr

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