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Prepare the Vessel

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F.

We refer to VESSEL’ and ‘BOMB’. Traditionally, the apparatus is called a ‘BOMB CALORIMETER’, because the combustion cylinder looks like a ‘bomb’. The name ‘BOMB’ has stuck, but it is not popular around airports and in shipping. So – we try to use the word ‘VESSEL’ as much as possible.

To load the vessel with a new sample we assume the vessel has been cooled in the air cooler (3K-2).

  1. Open lid and check that the firing wire is OK. If not, replace it.
  2. Wipe the inner walls of the vessel clean with a paper towel or soft rag. This removes any moisture. If the cleaning paper shows any stains then the previous sample may have ‘splattered’ and the result was low.
  3. Remove the crucible from the holder
  4. Attach a cotton thread to the wire. This is done best with tweezers (supplied in the 3K-1-KT) and a ‘pull ends through the loop’ method.
  5. Depending on the samples you burn the crucible must be cleaned either with a wire brush or in an oven at 400°C
  6. Use a new or cleaned crucible. Put it in to the balance and tare the balance.
  7. Put approx. 0.5gr of sample material into the crucible. Take care not to spill any onto the balance table. Note the weight, or transfer it to the CAL3K via a cable.
  8. Remove crucible with sample and insert it in to the crucible holder. Move the cotton fuse into the crucible so that it touches the sample. In case of BA tablets: move the tablet on top of the cotton fuse.
  9. Close the lid gently (with two fingers). Do not over tighten it.
  10. Except CAL3K-AP : Place the vessel into the filling station and fill with oxygen.
  11. Put the weight into the CAL3K ( F1, Enter, weight, Enter) if not transferred from balance already.
  12. Change the Sample Identification (SID).
  13. Put the vessel in to the well
  14. Close the Lid
  15. Observe that the CAL3K changes to the INITIAL mode.
CAL3K Automatic Oxygen Filling Bayonet Bomb Vessel | DDS Calorimeters


A word about ‘VESSEL’ and ‘BOMB’. Traditional the apparatus is called a ‘BOMB CALORIMETER’, because the combustion cylinder looks like a ‘bomb’.

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The CAL3K is a complicated ‘beast’. It has options for just about everything (except making coffee). This is overwhelming to say the least. So, what is really important to measure the first sample?

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To perform a standard calibration using Benzoic Acid Tablets you will need : A working oxygen bomb calorimeter system connected to a power source, A CAL3K Manual Oxygen Filing Station connected to an oxygen supply (not needed when using the CAL3K-AP Calorimeter)...

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