Scientific Analytical Calorimeter Solutions

The LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a global term describing a laboratory software that collects operational data from many laboratory instruments for the purpose of collating the data for analytical managerial purposes.

The LIMS software (not supplied) on your central computer is different in all laboratories and the operating requirements as well. We have made our LIMS interface in the CAL3K calorimeters as flexible as possible with functionality that will suit almost every LIMS solution.

All units in the CAL3K range are equipped with a powerful output (Data#1) which is useful to connect to a LIMS computer or to a printer. This output is ‘unsolicited’ which means that no action from the LIMS computer or the printer is required: the output happens spontaneously. The output data can be printed or digitally transferred.

The CAL3K LIMS features are:

• 16-character Sample Identification (SID)

• 16-character Group Identification (GID)
• Date and Time identification
• 8 output formats A-H
• 2 data Dump formats
• 1 RS232 port on all units
• Additional one RS232 and one USB port on 3 units
• Unsolicited and spontaneous output after a determination
• Large memory for 400-600 results
• Easy keyboard operator interface
• Remote operation for data capture and printing
• BLUETOOTH option for wireless data transfer
• Data are available in KJ/g (MJ/Kg), KBTU, KCAL
• Barcode scanner interface


For details on HOW to go about the LIMS system interface see: OPERATORS MANUAL

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