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How To Measure the CV of Gelatin Capsules


The gelatin capsule (part number 3K-4-068) is used for powdery substances and during spiking. It prevents an explosive ignition which ‘scatters’ the sample material.

Two different spiking operations are possible which require different settings:

Here is the brief procedure:

Traditional spiking method
This method requires the CV of the Spike material and its weight. Then the CAL3K will calculate the energy of the spike and deduct it from the final result.
Two entries are important:
  • ‘SPIKE VALUE’ This is the CV of the spike material in Kj/g.
  • ‘SPIKE MASS’ This is the mass of the spike. Entering a value will enable the spiking.
EASY spiking method
It relies on the assumption that all capsules are of the same weight and have the same CV.
Two entries are important:
  • ‘CAPSULE RISE’ This is the temperature rise produced by a gelatin capsule.
  • ‘SET CAPSULE EN’ This enables the EASY spiking calculations.

Both of these spiking operations are popular, but require different data.

Perform the Gelatin Capsule Determination

The following method will provide the capsule CV and the temperature rise. One capsule is used as a sample.

Weigh ONE capsule in to a crucible and prepare the vessel.
Set the ‘MISFIRE LIMIT’=0. This disables the misfire check!
Run a determination.
Note the CV of the gelatin capsule. This value should be entered in ‘SPIKE VALUE’
Read ‘READ LAST N_RISE’. This is the temperature rise to be entered in ‘CAPSULE RISE’.
Set the ‘MISFIRE LIMIT’ to 0.44C
The Spiking Process with Gelatin Capsules

Determine the Spike Value of Gelatin Capsules Video

Watch this video showing how to determing the spike value of gelatin capsules.

Watch Video


The above procedure doesn’t enable any spiking operation. It just establishes the CV and the temperature rise of the gelatin capsule. The above procedure applies to measuring the CV of a crucible cover-disc as well.

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