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How To Measure Spiking Accessories


Spiking is the method where a known substance (The Spike) is burned together with the unknown sample to promote or enhance the burning process.

Gelatin capsule (3K-4-068) The sample or the spike material is inside the capsule.

Volatile sample Crucible Cover Discs (CAL2K-FLDS): The cover-disc prevents the evaporation of the volatile sample.

Two different spiking operations are possible which require different settings:

This scattering (violent burning) can be prevented by:

Traditional spiking method
This method requires the CV of the Spike material and its weight. Then the CAL3K will calculate the energy of the spike and deduct it from the final result.
Two entries are important:
  • ‘SPIKE VALUE’ This is the CV of the spike material in Kj/g.
  • ‘SPIKE MASS’ This is the mass of the spike. Entering a value will enable the spiking.
EASY spiking method
It relies on the assumption that all accessories are of the same weight and have the same CV.
Two entries are important:
  • ‘CAPSULE RISE’ This is the temperature rise produced by the accessories.
  • ‘SET CAPSULE EN’ This enables the EASY spiking calculations.

Both of these spiking operations are popular and can be used simultaneously, but require different data. The ‘SET CAPSULE EN’ enables the easy spiking method for capsules and the cover-disc.

How to Measure the Spike CV and the Temperature Rise

If the spike is Benzoic Acid then it requires no measurement. If the Spike is a gelatin capsule or a cover-disc then it needs to be measured. Compact as many spike accessories as possible in to the crucible and perform a standard determination run. Divide the result by hand by the amount and enter the value in: ‘SPIKING VALUE’

Read the last temperature rise ‘READ LAST N_RISE’ , divide the temperature by the amount and enter the value in: ‘CAPSULE RISE’

Need Help with Spiking?

This video explains and shows how spiking is done using Gelatin Capsules.

Watch Video

Need Help with Determining the Spike Value of Gelatin Capsules?

This video will show you the correct way to determine the spike value of Gelatin Capsules

Watch Video


It is good to have both measurements on hand for both of the spiking accessories. Measuring multiple items (and dividing the result by the amount) yields an average.

The spiking method(s) become very useful when troublesome samples are determined.

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