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How To Measure Samples With High Moisture


The moisture content of a solid sample affects the result directly: a 1% difference in moisture will make a 1% difference in the result. The CAL3K can compensate for the moisture content but the actual moisture must be established before the determination.

The actual ignition method needs to be determined experimentally.

The ignition of the moist sample depends on:

  • The sample material
  • The moisture contents

To assist the burning of a moist sample:

Use the normal method with the cotton thread touching the sample.
Use the spiking method with Benzoic Acid

Need Help with Spiking?

This video explains and shows how spiking is done.

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Need Help with Attaching the Firing Cotton?

This video will show you the correct way to attach the firing cotton.

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The suggestions are not very helpful if the moisture content varies then the result shall vary as well and the sample may not ignite.

Experiment and see what works for you.

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