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How to cool the CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Vessel

How to cool the CAL3K Bomb Vessel | DDS Calorimeters


After running a sample, once the determination is complete, the CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Vessel can be removed from the calorimeter. Before de-filling or preparing the bomb for the next firing it needs to be cooled – this is done using the CAL3K Air Cooler (supplied with most of our calorimeter systems).

To start the cooling process, remove the bomb vessel from the calorimeter, make sure the air cooler is powered up, and placed the warm bomb vessel into the air cooler. The air cooler will automatically start cooling the vessel with air. Once the air cooler prompts that the vessel is “Ready for use” the bomb vessel can be removed, de-filled, opened and inspected before the next determination.

The CAL3K Air Cooler cools the bomb vessel to a set target temperature determined by the Calorimeter, not to the ambient temperature of the room. A typical target temperature is between 8 and 10 degrees above ambient room temperature. The CAL3K Air Cooler can cool, on average, a vessel down in 6 - 7 minutes, depending on the type of sample that was fired.

Multiple air coolers can be included in the system for faster throughput. NEVER submerge the CAL3K Bomb Vessel into water to cool – always make use of the supplied air cooler or allow the vessel to cool to room temperature naturally.

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