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GB/T 213-2008 – Determination of Calorific Value of Coal (Refer ISO1928:1995 International Standards) Chinese Version

GB/T 213-2008 International Standard

Determination of calorific value of coal. Solid mineral fuels - Determination of gross caloric value by bomb calorimetric method and calculation of net calorific value.


Generally, two kinds of calorimeters are available, isoperibol type and adiabatic type, the calorimetric system of which is enclosed into a water-filled double-layer jacket (outer can) and differs in the different temperature control mode of outer can and has no obvious difference in the rest respects.

In aneroid systems (systems without a fluid), the calorimeter can, stirrer and water are replaced by a metal block. The oxygen bomb consists of double-layer metal with temperature sensor embedded and itself constitutes the calorimetric system.

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