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Fault Finding | CAL3K Features

All units have a very extensive factory and field-testing capability.

The field test can be performed by the operator without any tools.

The result of the field test is displayed. If the test fails, appropriate help (F10) advice is available for each of the tests.

The same applies to the vessel.

It is recommended to run the field test every day/week. The field test tests every function of the calorimeter.

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A , CAL3K-F


The new CAL3K calorimeter system has been designed to make the operator's work easier. This starts with restricting the day to day operation to a few keystrokes and making use of the function keys. The entering of a key command is assisted with a "look ahead" and auto complete feature.

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The CAL3K has up to 127 event classifications and can store 3000 - 6000 events. An event is generated whenever a critical operation or fault occurs. An event logs the time, classification and the optional variable if required.

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All units are equipped with a HELP (F10) feature. It explains what the problem is, what the consequences are and how to get around it.

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