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Event Log

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A , CAL3K-F

The CAL3K has a powerful event log. Every time something changes the Date/Time and value is logged into a circular buffer of approx. 6000 events. These events can be interpreted on a PC. See: PC EVENTS (Coming Soon) or from the keyboard with the STATISTICAL PRINTOUT.

The events are classified into:

Full Comprehensive, All
Technical Faults Partial
Operational Events Partial

The classification applies to the way the data is represented.

The full event list can be seen on the PC!

In broad terms an event is registered whenever a change or operation is performed. Each event is time stamped, classified and the changed value or items is attached. The result is a large volume of data. This data can be interpreted by two methods:

  • PC. Upload the events and filter out the ones you like
  • Use the STATISTICAL analysis printout and look at the data we have grouped/selected for you.


The CAL3K has three ports to connect a PC or laptop to. These ports are: USB. Distance approx. 2 meters. Ideally suitable for laptops. A USB cable is supplied in the 3K-1-KT (USBCABAB), RS232 DATA D1 Port. Distance approx. 20-50 meters. Speed: 1.2 - 115.2Kb, RS232 DATA D2 Port. BLUETOOTH. Speed 115.2Kb.

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The CAL3K has four communication ports for connecting to the outside. The operations of the RS232 ports #1 and #2 can be restricted via the USB port. In addition the PORT D1 can be assigned to printing or LIMS output only.

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The Mass is entered in two ways: Through a keyboard entry & Through a balance connection. After the last entry the mass appears in the top line. This indicates it is locked. A locked mass can’t be changed, and if a change is required, then the mass must be unlocked with the following procedure.

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