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CAL3K-ST Calorimeter Description


The CAL3K-ST Bomb Calorimeter is a powerful entry level system for low to medium throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability. The CAL3K-ST calorimeter has a compact size, low energy consumption and boasts a large list of features with an unbeatable price tag.

What makes the CAL3K-ST unique is its ability to use the old Cal2k bombs as well as the new Cal3k bayonet and screw type bombs. Unlike the CAL3K-S Calorimeter, the CAL3K-ST is a two bomb system. Our 20 year old Cal2k bomb calorimeters are still being used in the field today, with replacement parts becoming obsolete, we have designed the CAL3K-ST to fill this space. The CAL3K-ST is the only calorimeter that is able to accommodate all DDS bomb types.

The CAL3K-ST system includes a calorimeter, standard thread type bomb vessel with upgraded CPU and oxygen filling station. A second bomb vessel can be purchased, however this will only slightly increase the speed of the calorimeter system. The CAL3K-ST calorimeter system can complete 4 sample per hour using the old Cal2k or the new Cal3k bombs.

Part of the CAL3K-ST system is the external oxygen filling station, standard across all manual filling calorimeter systems. The CAL3K-ST is a totally dry type calorimeter, making it environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The CAL3k-S and CAL3K-ST both boasts the smallest carbon footprint in its class. Built into the CAL3K-ST is an onboard cooler. The cooler is part of the calorimeter and is turned on automatically when the LID of the calorimeter is opened after a determination.


The CAL3K-ST bomb calorimeter is an extremely accurate calorimeter system with a medium through put capacity and a small desktop foot print. An accurate calorimeter system is typically used in applications where Reliable and precise measurements are needed, like in Food/Feed Analysis, Alternative Energy, Manufacturing, Coal and Oil Production, Research, Universities and Quality Assurance.

While speed can be important in certain contexts where time is a limiting factor, accuracy should be the primary consideration when using a bomb calorimeter. It ensures the credibility and reliability of the results obtained and contributes to the overall scientific rigor of the calorimetric analysis.


The CAL3K-ST dry bomb calorimeter system finds applications in various fields where the measurement of calorific value or energy content of substances is essential. Some specific applications include: Energy research, Fuel quality assessment, Food and nutrition analysis, Environmental analysis and Pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


The CAL3K-ST is a low cost two bomb calorimeter system, capable of 4 samples per hour. It uses an Isothermal calorimetry methods and is still waterless and environmentally friendly. The minimum determination time for the first sample is as little as 6 minutes, thereafter the bomb vessel needs to cooled, requiring time.

The CAL3K-ST makes use of the external oxygen filling station and threaded bomb vessel. The cooler is incorporated into the CAL3K-ST calorimeter making for a compact size.

The vessel is filled with oxygen in an EXTERNAL, manually operated, filling station which has a flow restriction and oxygen filter. This filing station is standard across the CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F, CAL3K-S and CAL3K-ST.


CAL3K-S Bomb Calorimeter


The CAL3K-S Bomb Calorimeter is a powerful entry level system for low throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability.

CAL3K-AP Bomb Calorimeter


Our top of the range product is our faster calorimeter in the CAL3K range.

CAL3K-F Bomb Calorimeter


The CAL3K-F is a flexible system for low to high throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability.

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