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CAL3K-S Calorimeter Description


The CAL3K-S conforms to ASTM D240-09, ASTM D5865-12, ASTM D4809-13, ASTM E711-87, ISO 1928-2009, ISO 18125-2017, GB/T213-2008 and DIN 51900-2 International standards.

The CAL3K-S bomb calorimeter uses the Dynamic method to measure temperature and calculate the calorific value.

The heart of the system is a standard thread-type sealing bomb vessel with built-in temperature sensors. This vessel is a dry type vessel, enabling it to be more accurate and faster. Having a fast, accurate dry bomb vessel can only be environmentally friendly. The vessel is completely removable from the bomb well for easy sample preparation, cooling, cleaning and maintenance.

The CAL3K-S interfaces with different devices, including PC (PC Software), Balance, Printer and Laboratory and Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Bluetooth (Wireless). Since the calorimeter only has two input / output ports, the user will need to select which external appliance to plug in.

The CAL3K-S oxygen bomb calorimeter does not come with a Cal3K-2 Air-cooler, however it has a built-in fan cooler which allows the vessel to cool inside the calorimeter well. For best results, the calorimeter is designed to run with a single bomb vessel. The economical CAL3K-S system presently comes in one system configuration.


Even though the CAL3K-S system is economical, the calorimeter will not compromise on accuracy and repeatability. It is used in Food/Feed Analysis, Alternative Energy, Waste Analysis, Forest Waste, Sugar Mills, Pulp & Paper Mills, Scientific Determinations, Coal and Oil Production, Research, Universities and Quality Assurance. In short : wherever the calorific value of a solid or liquid sample that must be determined, the CAL3K-S will be perfectly suited for the job.


The CAL3K-S uses a combination of the Dynamic (Isoperibol) method while remaining dry i.e. it is waterless. The determination repetitive cycle time is approximately 30 minutes for the CAL3K-S system. Once a sample has been loaded into the bomb vessel, a result can be expected within 9 minutes.

It uses the external oxygen filling station (3K-3) as part of the system.

For an affordable price, the fastest performance is 2 samples per hour, with the first result complete in 9 minutes.


The CAL3K-S calorimeter requires a PC keyboard to enter commands. The lid design of the calorimeter has a manual door knob to open the lid once the determination has finished. The door latch has been designed to give years of reliable service and provide acknowledgement that the latch is securely locked.

The LCD display has 2 lines. It shows what the CAL3K-S is doing at present, e.g. what mode the calorimeter is in and in what stage of the determination it is presently in.


The contents of the LCD Screen changes automatically as and when various commands are entered. The CAL3K-S calorimeter provides feedback to the operator along the various stages of the determination, as well as if an error or warning is observed.


This is the CAL3K-S Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter with the lid open. The lid is opened manually. Once open, the lid will rest at 100° angle, so that the bomb well can ventilate after each sample determination.
TOP CONTACT – Through the top contact the bomb is fired. This will make contact with the top of the center electrode of the bomb vessel when the LID is closed.
The design of the bomb well provides insulation to the outside ambient conditions. Once the LID is closed, the bomb vessel is sealed in the bomb well, insulating it from the outside. This allows the bomb to stabilize in temperature before it is fired.


The CAL3K-S Calorimeter has some added features which will make the operation of the oxygen calorimeter a lot easier and user friendly. Every step in the preparation and determination sequence of a sample will be automatically displayed for the operator to follow.

DEFAULT PARAMETER FIELD – The default parameters can be invoked from a keyboard command. This feature assures the most important parameters are reset to factory standard, ensuring a fully functional calorimeter again.

FAULT AND FIELD TESTING CAPABILITY – The CAL3K-S and vessel each have a factory and a field test built in. The field test allows the operator/user to test the functionality without any instruments or special connections. Each factory test is time stamped and visible in the log file. Should the factory test or vessel test fail, it will stop at the highlight fault. Most of the faults can be easily repaired, others will require an agent.


The vessel records the amount of firings, the max temperature and the date and time. The CAL3K-S records the max starting temperature, the max ambient temperature and date/time. It also records the amount of firings, mass firings, bomb aborts, manual fired and suspect result.


CAL3K-AP Bomb Calorimeter


Our top of the range product is our faster calorimeter in the CAL3K range.

CAL3K-F Bomb Calorimeter


The CAL3K-F is a flexible system for low to high throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability.

CAL3K-A Bomb Calorimeter


The CAL3K-A is best suited for a production environment with shared oxygen supply (to other users) and robust handling.

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