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CAL3K-AP Not Filling (Automatic Filling)

The following information applies to the: CAL3K-AP

The broad term "Not Filling" can be dissected into the following scenarios:

  • Filling too slow: The vessel pressure does not reach target within 40 to 60 seconds. Replace the restrictor.
  • The filling pressure stays at zero during the filling process.
    1. The filling path (inlet valve, restrictor, one-way valve) is blocked
    2. The exhaust valve is open and the filling pressure escapes to the exhaust
    3. The filling pressure is not registered

The CAL3K-AP has a "DEFLATE" keyboard command, which opens the oxygen inlet valve. It is used to deflate the oxygen line when the oxygen bottle is closed. But it is a good diagnostic tools because it operate the inflate valve until the ESC key is operated.

PROBLEM: the filling pressure is not registering

This is the most unlikely fault, but it is tested very easily. Put a bomb in, close the lid, and "Deflate" (open the inlet valve) for 20 seconds. Then press ESC. Then open the lid with the F6 key. If the bomb got filled a lot of air is going to escape with a hissing sound. You have a problem in that the bomb pressure is not recognized. Contact your agent or check the pressure sensor connection, or the pipe leading to the pressure sensor.

PROBLEM: The exhaust valve is open and the filling pressure escapes to the exhaust

Put a bomb in and close the lid. Then "Deflate" (open the inlet valve). Put your finger over the exhaust port at the back of the CAL3K and feel that some pressure is building up. You have a "Exhaust valve failure". Some debris got stuck in the exhaust valve. Dismantle the exhaust valve (special tools are required) and remove the debris or contact your agent , or exchange the valve. Note that the valve is directional and must be assembled in the same position as it was removed.

PROBLEM: The filling path is blocked

Remove one by one the connection starting from the inlet valve to the restrictor and "deflate" for a short time until you hear the pressure escaping. Remove the blocked device, replace it, clean it, or call your agent .

CAL3K-AP Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System | DDS Calorimeters


The CAL3K_AP is connected to the oxygen supply and will FILL the vessel automatically. It will also DEFLATE the vessel. The process is monitored by the microprocessor.

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The oxygen bottle is connected to the filling station via a pressure reduction regulator, which reduces the bottle pressure to 30bar. The pressure can be adjusted.

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A great new feature of the CAL3K-AP. The valves for filling (inflation) and de-filling (Exhaustion) are contained inside the CAL3K-AP calorimeter and the oxygen pressure and filling rate are mentioned. This instrument is recommended in a clean laboratory environment.

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