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CAL3K-A Calorimeter Description


The CAL3K-A conforms to ASTM D240-09, ASTM D5865-12, ASTM D4809-13, ASTM E711-87, ISO 1928-2009, ISO 18125-2017, GB/T213-2008 and DIN 51900-2 International standards. The CAL3K bomb calorimeter uses the isothermal, adiabatic or dynamic calorimetry methods to measure temperature readings and to calculate the result in MJ, BTU or Calories.

The bomb is a self-locking and sealing 4K-4 thread type bomb vessel with built-in temperature sensors. The vessel is completely removable for easy sample management, cooling, cleaning and maintenance. Multiple vessels can be used in the same calorimeter, each with their own temperature calibration curves. Multiple vessels improve sample throughput and provides a higher redundancy. While one vessel is in the calorimeter, the other can be cooled and prepared with the next sample.

The CAL3K-A calorimeter interfaces with different devices, including PC ( PC Software ), Balance, Printer and Bluetooth (Wireless). The unit also integrates fully with software based laboratory and information management systems (LIMS) and has a statistical print output in addition to the real time output.

The oxygen bomb calorimeter and air cooler are operated together for effective routine sample determination, using 2 or more bomb vessels . It is imperative to use the air cooler for optimum results and faster throughput. The air cooler works in conjunction with the CAL3K-A and gets its cooling instructions from the CAL3K-A. This allows the air cooler to uniquely cool each bomb differently, should it be required. The coolest feature of the air cooler is the ambient temperature compensation, which allows for consistent fast cooling times regardless of the ambient temperature of the laboratory. The air cooler also displays the vessel temperature and the time until the bomb is ready to be used again, all this cooling for only 12 Watts!

The complete CAL3K-A oxygen bomb calorimeter system contains all the parts and consumables necessary to set up the unit. The installation kits included with the setup of the calorimeter contains consumables for approximately 200 samples, depending on the type of sample being analyzed (coal analysis, animal feed analysis). Corrosive and explosive (powder) samples increase the wear and tear on the consumables. Additional consumables can be purchased separately (and in bulk quantities) from our authorized agents.


It is best suited for a production environment with shared oxygen supply (to other users) and robust handling. One external filling station can service multiple CAL3K Calorimeters. The DDS Calorimeters can be used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles including oil, coke, volatile fuels, biomass, plastic, coal, animal feeds and foodstuffs. The calorific value of a combustible substance is a critical factor and differs from application to application.

The applications for a DDS Bomb Calorimeter are endless with the common applications being scientific research, university research, coal mines and power stations, alternative energy/recycling, chemical industry, industrial inspection and quality control.


The CAL3K-A uses a combination of the Isothermal, Dynamic and Adiabatic calorimetry methods, while still using the dry method, i.e. it is waterless. The minimum determination time is down to 4.5 minutes.

The vessel is filled with oxygen in and EXTERNAL filling station which has a flow restriction and oxygen filter. The supplied filling pressure is indicated as well as the vessel pressure.

The fastest performance was achieved with one CAL3K-A , 3 vessels and 2 coolers. This is the limit of a single operator. It is possible to run the CAL3K-A Calorimeter with a single bomb vessel and achieve accurate and reliable results.


The CAL3K calorimeter requires a PC keyboard (as seen above/left with the complete system) to enter commands. The lid design has two shocks which open the lid automatically after a determination. The CAL3K-A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter will be supplied as a complete system which includes the calorimeter, the air cooler , and 2 4K-4 thread type bomb vessels . Other system combinations are possible.

The LCD display has 4 lines, the picture below only showing two of the lines. The first line shows what the CAL3K is doing at present, e.g. what mode the calorimeter is in and what it is doing.


The second line shows the action the operator should take, e.g. "ENTER MASS, INSERT BOMB", etc. The third line is reserved for keyboard command and data entry, e.g. Enter Benzoic Acid Value in MJ. The fourth line gives additional information relating to faults and actions. If the subject help is activated then all 4 lines are used to display the help functions.


This is the CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter with the lid open. The new gas shocks allow for automatic opening. The shocks open the lid to 45°C, so that the well can ventilate after each sample determination.

The ATC (Ambient Temperature Control) insulates the oxygen bomb vessel from the outside environment. It contains heating elements designed so that the ATC temperature follows the vessel temperature. as programmed. The ATC is cooled after a determination.

BOMB WELL - The bomb well has a contact arrangement at the bottom to connect to the bomb electronics. The vessel temperature and calibration data are retrieved via this contact.

The electronics compartment is located in the blue side panel of the calorimeter. This electronic compartment contains the control card and the firing circuit. This is what makes everything work. The control card contains all ports (Keyboard, printer, balance, USB, BlueTooth) and is exchangeable for easy maintenance.


The operation is user friendly and easy. Although the CAL3K has close to 100 keyboard commands, only the most used ones are visible without a password. Whenever something is missing (eg Mass), or something ‘unexpected’ happens, or the unit has performed a task, then the operator is informed. In addition a help function is available (F10) which explains the details.

DEFAULT PARAMETER FIELDS - The CAL3K-A has one default parameter field for each mode and one experimental default mode for the user. The experimental mode can be changed via the PC interface. Note that the each operating mode requires a calibration.

FAULT AND FIELD TESTING CAPABILITY - The CAL3K-A and vessel each have a factory and a field test built in. The field test allows the operator/user to test the functionality without any instruments or special connections.


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