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CAL2K Bomb Vessel

CAL2K Bomb Vessel

The DDS Bomb Vessel is unique in that it is the first of its kind and is packed with features.

The improved CAL2K vessel is designed to fit perfectly into each calorimeter in the CAL2K range. Various improvements are made to ensure accurate results with each determination. One of the bomb vessel's innovative design elements includes temperature sensors built into the wall of the vessel.

Small. With thermal balance.

The electronics and sensors are built inside the vessel. The vessel is placed inside the calorimeter and is "docked" in the calorimeter for supervision. The result is a faster more stable temperature reading. The vessel temperature is measured by 8 sensors. The vessel are vacuum epoxy sealed, and no adjustment or maintenance is required.

Wide Temperature Range.

The vessel can be operated over a wider temperature range (+ 10 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius) but it is advised that the vessel's starting temperature is within 12 degrees of the ambient (room) temperature.

Reduced Self-Heating

The platinum sensors are very linear over a wide range, but require excitation, which results in self-heating. The total self-heating of the electronics are a scant 45mW. This results in a 0.015°C temperature rise in 5 minutes. This is 1/1000 of a 0.5g Benzoic Acid Tablet, and it is constant, and considered during calibration.


The First of Its Kind.

A bomb vessel as unique as its features.

The CAL2K bomb vessel is the first of its kind in calorimetry. The microprocessor in the base of the vessel provides accurate results with each analysis. The complete lid assembly holds the crucible containing the sample for determination. Temperature sensors are built into the wall of the vessel for effective temperature measurement. The vessel is filled with up to 3000 Kpa of oxygen for each determination. Measuring calorific values has never been this easy.

CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Vessel | DDS Calorimeters

Small. With thermal balance.

The bomb vessel is smaller than conventional vessels, which results in a smaller heat capacity. Special attention has been given to a thermally balanced vessel design. Computer aided design (CAD) and computer simulation of heat transfer characteristics is used to achieve this.

8 Temperature Sensors.

The vessel has an oxygen volume of 0.22 liters (220ml), which allows for a 0.5g coal sample at approximately 30MJ/Kg. The temperature sensors are located cylindrical within the vessel walls at eight places for accurate temperature measurement.

Accurate results with Benzoic Acid.

The approximate temperature rise of the vessel after burning of 0.5g Benzoic Acid is 9 degrees Celsius. Practical tests have shown that up to 0.8g of Benzoic Acid can be burnt without affecting the accuracy. Oxygen starvation affects the results with higher charges. Certified Benzoic Acid Tablets.

Intelligent "SMART" Vessel.

The heart of the vessel is the intelligent microprocessor built into the base of the unit. All the information pertinent to a vessel is stored permanently inside the vessel. This includes information regarding the : vessel number, calibration, number of firings, date of last reconditioning, etc.

Compatible with all CAL2K Calorimeters.

The vessel PCB is only powered up when placed in the calorimeter. The result of the vessel memory is that any vessel can run in any calorimeter without a new calibration.

Sealed for extra protection.

The vessel memory can only be accessed from the PC. The electronics and sensors are vacuum epoxy impregnated to prevent physical damage as well as moisture from entering the electronics.

Semi-permanent firing wire.

The firing wire is semi-permanent and only needs to be replaced when the wire is burnt or damaged.


Vessel Comparison - The CAL2K Vessel & CAL3K Bayonet Vessel

The heart of the oxygen bomb calorimeter system.

CAL3K Automatic and Manual Filling Bayonet Bomb Vessels | DDS Calorimeters
CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Vessel

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