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Where to Buy Excellence: Uncover the Ideal Source for Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters

Where to buy an Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters

A calorimeter purchase is not an easy decision. There are so many different models available, so which one do you choose?

Well, thank goodness you have come to the right place. We are able to provide you with a calorimeter suited to your budget, lab requirements, interface requirements, delivery schedule and offer a personal hand-holding service all the way.

When you purchase our calorimeter, our after sales service will exceed all your expectations.

Give us a try, you wont be disappointed. For the last 20 years, we have only happy customers.

Where to buy an Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters

Where to buy a calorimeter is a good question, particularly if you are considering purchasing it elsewhere.

If we could give you some advice:

  1. Don’t buy a calorimeter from an online shopping cart. Bad Idea!
  2. Ask about warranties and guarantees, they should be as long as possible
  3. The calorimeter brand should have global representation. This will be your support if all goes wrong
  4. Enquire if they offer onsite training and installation. This gives you the assurance that your equipment is correctly applied within your industry
  5. Look for testimonials
  6. Look for training videos and online manuals
  7. Look at their social media profile. Post a question and see if they respond.
  8. Who will service your calorimeter and what will the costs be? Ask this upfront before you purchase
  9. What consumables are required to run the calorimeter for 500 firings? What are the costs? Can you buy them online?

Buying a calorimeter is an investment, so you need to have confidence in your supplier.

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