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The bomb factor is a conventional term and it is technically the heat capacity of the vessel.

It describes the amount of energy (Kj) required to heat the vessel by one degree C.

The Bomb factor is approx. 1.3 KJ/C. In practice, this means that 0.5g Benzoic Acid results in ~10°C rise.

Then the approx. calorific value CV=10C / 0.5g x 1.3KJ/C = 26KJ/g

Please note that the actual Bomb Factor is calculated to 6 decimal places during the calibration!


The Heat capacity of the vessel is approx. 0.001C/J or 1KJ/C. In practical terms is means that 0.5g Benzoic Acid results in approx. 13.2°C temperature rise.

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Calorimeters require a high temperature resolution because the result has a high resolution. Despite the inaccuracies in the sample preparation a calorific value (CV) is expressed with 3 or 4 decimal digits.

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The Heat capacity is a measurement which describes the amount of energy (heat) needed to raise the vessel temperature by 1 degree. The exact heat capacity is calculated by the CAL3K every 6 seconds after the Start record (parameter) during a calibration and then saved to the vessel as a ‘Bomb Factor’.

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