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Have You Ever Wondered Where a Bomb Calorimeter is Used?

Our calorimeters are widely used in all industries; it is just not a common type of instrument. A calorimeter has affected every one of our lives in some way, which is quite a statement. From the food we buy on the shelves, to the fuel we put in our vehicles, to the carpet we walk on in the office, to the car seat on the way home, to the cement we used to build our homes, to the roofing and construction materials and to animal feed, just to mention a few.

The applications for a bomb calorimeter are ever changing. As new industries are formed, so are new safety standards, research and development. Societies are continuously driven to look and explore cheaper and cost effective way to improve our way of life.

Our calorimeters are mainly used in Universities, coal fired power stations, coal mines, cement plants, animal feed and food manufacturing. Our customers love our calorimeters because they are simple to operate, require less training, require no water, use less electricity, cost effective to operate, have almost no down time and generally last for over 10 years.

It was just the other day that an old calorimeter came in for a service. It was 12 years old and between the 7 bomb vessels had an accumulative 150 000 firings operations. The repairs costed under USD 100.00 and were completed within 2 hours.

Colleges and Universities often use calorimeters as both training aids and for research and development in their departments, which include: Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Zoology, and Animal Sciences.

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Fuel Oils, Aviation Fuel, Ammunition, Coal Analysis, Food & Nutrition Research, Animal Feed Research, Alternative methods for food & nutrition research, university applications, alternative energy sources, polymers and composites, and cosmetic products.

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Animal Feed Research, Coal Analysis, Explosives Analysis, Fuel Analysis, Nutrition & Food Analysis, Oil Analysis, Universities, Waste Product Analysis, and more applications where the DDS Calorimeters range can be used.

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Comparing the different bomb calorimetry methods. In the adiabatic system the environment is controlled so that no energy is lost or gained. To achieve this state, the Calorimeter Vessel (Bomb Vessel) and bucket are surrounded...

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