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The CAL3K system for today and the future

Digital Data Systems has an established name in the field of calorimeter design and manufacture. A brief synopsis of its history dates from the early 1970's with the AMPC, the 1980's with the CP500 and in the new millennium the CAL2K.

The CAL2K is marketed both locally in South Africa and Internationally and participating in the success of the CAL2K as a dealer is possible. Digital Data Systems currently appoints a maximum of 2 dealers per country (different countries vary). If a dealer has been appointed in a country, prospective customers will need to purchase the CAL2K system or any CAL2K parts and consumables directly from the dealer. These dealers purchase from Digital Data Systems and with the knowledge and expertise of their markets, sell the CAL2K to the prospective customers.


In order to become an agent the following requirements need to be considered:

The dealer will need to purchase the necessary stock of the CAL2K system (or other calorimeter system) from DDS and must be able to provide customers with the necessary support and maintenance. DDS will provide higher level support to the dealer as required.

The dealer will need to set up and install the CAL2K system for its customer(s).

Presentations (on CD) and printed brochures are available to assist the dealer with their marketing efforts.

A list of consumables and recommended spares should be kept in stock by the dealer so that they can supply the necessary items to their customers in a timely manner. Orders for these and other stock items can be ordered from DDS at any time. When ordering a lead time of 4 weeks needs to be allowed before orders can be shipped to the dealer.

One year warranty is offered on the CAL2K system, which covers any manufacturing faults. The details of the warranty are outlines in the CAL2K Handbook.

If your business is involved in bomb calorimetry, analytical instrumentation or laboratory instruments and you would like to include the CAL2K in your list of product offerings as a dealer, please contact DDS on A list of current dealers can be found on our website.


We are currently looking for representatives in other countries. If you are interested in becoming a DDS Calorimeters agent, read through our Terms & Conditions and complete the Application Form to apply. Our team will be in touch with your results soon.

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