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Become an Agent

To become an agent is a great business opportunity to expand your business in this growing market segment.

We are constantly looking for DDS Calorimeters representatives in other countries. If you think you have what it takes to become an agent, read through our terms and conditions and answer a few questions below to apply. Our team will be in touch with your results to confirm if your application was successful. There are no application fees to become an agent and we provide the marketing material required to get you started.

Becoming an agent is a prestigious honour and a lucrative business opportunity. The DDS Calorimeters brand is strong and well known in the market. Our yellow calorimeters have been seen by all in the know as they can be found in every corner of the world.

Become part of a select few.

A Digital Data Systems (DDS) Calorimeter agent is prestigious. Only a select few of the possible applicants are awarded the title. Besides the esteemed title, what are the benefits to being a DDS Agent? Why should you become an agent?


DDS Agents are those who stand out from the rest. They have certain skills and abilities within their company that allow them to represent our DDS Calorimeters, but above all they have business etiquette.


Our DDS Calorimeter brand is well advertised and marketed around the world. When you become an agent, your company is automatically included in our fame. Agents get referrals and business leads from our marketing efforts for the country they represent.

Becoming a DDS Agent is following a business model that ensures the customer is first and ensures growth for all concerned.


All our Agents are entitled to free training. Training is now offered online via Zoom or MS Teams Meetings and is the preferred option. Onsite training can be offered if required. Contact DDS to discuss. Training assists agents in providing better service and support and ultimately more business.


After sales support is required to be fulfilled by a DDS Agent. In the nature of calorimetry, customers need constant supply of consumables and periodical maintenance. Site visits to the customer strengthen your relationship, provide business opportunities, facilitate a happy customer and possibly create a reference site for your next quotation.


DDS Agents will enjoy the loan of a DDS calorimeter for their exhibition. Experience has shown that Agents who exhibit our DDS Calorimeters at shows are more likely to be recommended by customers as their preferred agent. Most Agents will sell their loan calorimeter on the show and have new orders lined up. High return on investment guaranteed!


  • An agreement will be entered into between Digital Data Systems Pty Ltd and the Agent. The agreement will be valid for a period of 12 months, thereafter the agreement will be re-evaluated and renewed. A letter of Agent Authorisation will be supplied to the Agent by Digital Data Systems.
  • Within the 12 month period the agent will be required to sell a certain number of DDS Calorimeter Systems depending on the size of the agent's market.
  • The agent is required to carry some stock of strategic spares and consumables for the bomb calorimeter systems.
  • The agent is required to provide satisfactory service and maintenance assistance to the end customer on an ongoing basis.
  • The agent is required to preferably actively promote and offer ONLY the DDS bomb calorimeter range and NOT that of any of the competitors. If the agent is offering a competitor product the agent WILL NOT receive exclusive rights to the DDS bomb calorimeter range.
  • Depending on the yearly performance of the agent, payment terms can be arranged, however for the first 5 purchases the agent will be required to settle upfront before shipment, thereafter it will be up to the discretion of DDS and the yearly performance of the agent for the appropriate payment terms.
  • Digital Data Systems offers service training to the agent online.
  • The agent is required to display all DDS bomb calorimeter products on the agents company website. DDS will provide literature and pictures for this purpose. Ideally the provided contents should be translated into the agents home language.
  • DDS will forward all enquiries received from the Agent’s territory to the Agent and request that the Agent respond to all sales leads.
  • The Agent will be required to participate in forecasting exercises as well as customer survey’s etc., from time to time.
  • The Agent will be required to provide a yearly marketing proposal for the DDS bomb calorimeter products.
  • The DDS Calorimeter branding MUST remain on all products sold by the Agent, no branding may be removed from the products.

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