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Automatic Oxygen Filling | CAL3K Features

Applicable to the CAL3K-AP only.

The CAL3K-AP can fill the vessel automatically thus eliminating the filling station.
The affect of this is that the pressure is monitored during filling, initial period and main period.
The vessel is inflated and deflated automatically while inside the calorimeter.
The CAL3K performs the following pressure monitoring:
    Filling end pressure
  • Filling rate
  • Leak detection during initial phase
  • Peak detection after firing
  • Deflating if peak limit is exceeded (Safety precaution)
  • Leak limit detection during the main period
The operator is alerted to any of the above violations and appropriate messages are issued.
The automatic filling and deflating provide the following advantages:
  • The exhaust fumes can be expelled safely
  • The pressure peak provides for very safe operation in the case of overcharging or too fast burning.
  • The oxygen bottle pressure and vessel pressure are monitored
The automatic filling has the following disadvantage:
  • It is slower because after filling the vessel temperature needs to equalise.

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP.

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