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Attaching the Firing Cotton to the Firing Wire

Attaching the Firing Cotton to the Firing Wire | DDS Calorimeters


In this tutorial, we will show you the correct way to attach the firing cotton to the firing wire when preparing a sample for firing in any of our CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems. The exercise is fairly simple and can be completed with or without the stainless steel tweezers. We prefer to use the tweezers as it doesn't affect the firing cotton and sample and is easier to handle the firing cotton with.


You will need the following tools to complete the exercise:

The following exercise can be used on the CAL2K Bomb Vessel and the CAL3K Automatic and Manual Vessels.


  1. Start with your stainless steel tweezer and collect one strand of firing cotton from the packet using the tweezer.
  2. Using your fingers, bring the two ends of the firing cotton together to form a loop at the other end.
  3. If your complete lid assembly is not on a preparation stand, place it on the preparation stand as it shall be easier to handle. Make sure the firing wire and electrodes are attached to the complete lid assembly.
  4. Place your folded firing cotton over the firing wire. Insert the tweezer through the loop and pull the other end through the loop as shown to create a knot. The firing cotton is now attached to the firing wire.
  5. If your sample has already been weighed (see balance mass entry, manual mass entry), turn the complete lid assembly over and place the crucible (containing the sample) into the outer electrode.
  6. Using the stainless steel tweezer, make sure the firing cotton is touching the sample inside the crucible.
  7. The sample is now ready to go into the bomb vessel for firing.

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