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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Animal Feed


Food calories are measured in KJ/g, the same as combustible calories. However, the process is different, although the outcome is the same: KJ/g or heat, or calories. Animal feed stock relies on the animal digestion (conversion). A calorimeter burns the lot and measures the released heat. Then a calorimeter can't be used to measure food stock?

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Coal Analysis


The coal industry is the traditional application of calorimeters because coal has a variety of properties, apart from being black. If the coal is used for steam generation then the calorific value is of paramount importance. The calorific value, in short the CV, is a measure of how much heat can be extracted from it.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Explosive Analysis


Only explosives which can be ignited by heat from the calorimeter's firing circuit can be tested in the oxygen calorimeter. Then very minute/small quantities are used for analysis. The calorific value of an explosive is not very high, but the burning speed is.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Fuel Analysis


As a general rule, volatile fuels are measured very seldom because they are very consistent. However, if a fuel absorbs water, then frequent analysis is called for. Volatile fuel such as alcohol must be prevented from evaporating during the handling process that is from weighing to ignition of the sample.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Food/Nutrition Analysis


Here is an example of food calories from As the article says: "The method of using a combustion calorimeter to measure food calories is not frequently used today. However. after some considerations it can, and is, used today for checking the production quality of food." Let's look at the details.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Oil Analysis


Oils are a non-volatile substance. In general they are not measured frequently because they are very consistent and uniform. Other oil properties are more important than the calorific value, such as taste of viscosity. If an oil is measured in an oxygen calorimeter, then the procedure would be the same as a solid substance.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Universities


Simple, we at Digital Data Systems (DDS) have been making calorimeters for the last 40 years. We have a wealth of technical knowledge and calorimeter experience second to none. We are continuously improving our systems with the latest technology as it becomes available, allowing the students to work on a cost effective, easy to use, easy...

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Waste Analysis


Heating energy is being dumped on our municipal landfill sites. Our landfill sites are being clogged by plastic waste, which battle to bio-degrade over time. Alternative options for managing plastic waste has been identified as mechanical recycling, cement kilns, power station and energy recovery by incineration.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Cement Manufacturing


Isothermal calorimeters have been known to test the reaction of cement on hydration. Determining the heat of hydration of cement is important and traditionally, the heat of hydration has been determined by measuring the heat of solution. Typically, samples are mixed with water, where the cement hydration process can continuously be monitored over time.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Forest Waste


Solid biomass fuels are useful and a cost effective renewable energy source. The energy content of the biomass is determined by its calorific value. The calorific value of different forest species and bio-based industry residues can be used by companies specializing in processing raw biomass solid bio fuel production, small-scale consumers.

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CAL3K-A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System | DDS Calorimeters


Analyzing Fish Oil as an Alternative Fuel. Natural oils like olive oil, lard oil and fish oil can be analyzed using the DDS Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter range. The heat of combustion of the organic substance can be calculated with a small sample inserted into one of our DDS Calorimeters.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Pulp and Paper Mills


Pulp and paper mills generate various quantities of energy-rich biomass as wastes, depending on the technological level, pulp and paper grades and wood quality. These wastes are produced in all stages of the process : wood preparation, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical recovery, recycled paper processing, waste water treatment.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Marine Biology


The potential of seaweeds as biomass for energy production can be analyzed based in its calorific value, which is measured using an oxygen bomb calorimeter system (See the DDS Calorimeters range of oxygen bomb calorimeters). On analyzing seaweed it is found that it has a comparable calorific value with that of the conventional biomass fuels like bagasse, rice husks and corn cobs.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Olive Mills


The processing and production of the olive fruit produces a large amount of by-products, including liquid and solid wastes arising from olive oil extraction and the production of table olives. The disposal of olive waste without any treatment is known to cause environmental problems.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - Compost


If produced compost does not meet the legal requirements for application to agricultural land, it is not suitable for application in soil, and can therefore be tested as an alternative fuel when co-fired with fossil fuels. Low-quality compost that cannot be applied to soils or for which there is no demand can be energy utilized for co-incineration with fuels of high calorific value.

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Bomb Calorimeter Uses - More Applications


Traditional Applications like fossil fuels, propellants, safety applications, heat ignitable explosives, scientific research, volatile fuels and oils, and non-traditional applications like animal feed production and the production and use of edible oils.

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