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DDS Calorimeter Systems are the most advanced automatic Bomb Calorimeter Systems available today.

Digital Data Systems are the proud designers and manufacturers of the CAL2K and CAL3K Bomb Calorimeter Systems. DDS was established in 1972 by Klaus Ludwig. The original aim of establishing the company was to solve industrial and scientific problems using digital techniques.

Originally, DDS specialized in sophisticated, data capturing equipment and scientific instruments.

In designing, manufacturing and supplying products, DDS's company policy is to provide the customer with what he wants and for the best possible price. To achieve its policies, the company ensures that only trained and experienced staff are employed.

The scientific department has teamed up with certain distributors who concentrate in the mining sector and other sectors who utilize scientific equipment in laboratories such as the CAL3K Next Generation Bomb Calorimeter.

DDS products are exported worldwide and enjoys long-term relationships with our dealers and we strive to provide the 4best products and service in a professional manner.

DDS owns its own building, which is made up of a factory and offices. The factory includes a store room, production section and test room.

The main office is situated in the hub of an industrial area within Randburg. Close to the major highways and a mere 35 kilometers from Johannesburg's CBD.

DDS is represented in South Africa as well as surrounding African countries, Europe, the Fast East, Middle East, South and North America and Australia.

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Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. - Designing and Manufacturing of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters
Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. - Designing and Manufacturing of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters

CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters

This is still a dry system! However, the vessel has a multi thread lid, the temperature resolution was increased to 0.000001 (1ppm), the power consumption reduced to a constant 33mW and the temperature range enlarged to a linear 1 to 70 degree Celsius. This bomb is the pinnacle of engineering. It uses platinum sensors for linear temperature sensing. This bomb is used in the CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F, CAL3K-S and CAL3K_ST. These various systems use AIR cooling. This is possible because the vessel has a wide linear operating range. The limiting factor is when the bomb is uncomfortable to touch! The external AIR COOLER is intelligent and can be set up from the CAL3K systems. Some systems have an air cooler built-in. The CAL3K systems are packed with features relating to communication, transparency and operator control. Each system can operate as a standalone unit, or with a PC. The CAL3K_A is extremely fast: a determination speed of 5 minutes is normal, a 4 minutes determination is possible.

The operator interface (system testing, warnings, alerts and quality monitoring) was improved dramatically to reduce down-time and increase production.

The CAL3K-AP uses automatic filling and exhausting, all other systems use an external filling station

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) interface is outstanding with 8 different formats and results can be handled directly from the keyboard or from the free PC software.

All units have a built-in EVENT log which records the Date, Time and Event of all serious problems. The operator interface is simplified and unified throughout the range which makes upgrading easy. The user test was enlarged and the operator is encouraged to test the system and bombs every day.

A remote operating software is now freely available which allows all CAL3K operations to be performed from a different continent. This software facilitates the loading and storing of data, training and troubleshooting.

CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System | DDS Calorimeters

CAL3K Assembly Process

We have a dedicated team responsible for assembling, testing and operating the CAL3K. The machine is made up of many parts, which are all produced in Randburg, in our factory. Once each part is made, it is tested and quality inspected, then it goes for final assembly. All the parts are assembled in the chassis and with the help of a computer the functionality is tested. The computer tests make life easier as it points out any problems that arise while assembling the machine. For instance if the fan is not wired properly it will indicate exactly where the problem is so that it can be fixed. The tests that are done are very close to the field operator test and confirm that all the wires are correct and that the functionality is correct.

Once the machine is assembled it goes for quality inspection. This is done by a separate individual. A temperature calibration is then performed, which makes sure that all sensors conform to a standard. The temperature calibration data is inspected. The quality inspection confirms that the spring washers are placed under each nut and that everything is working. Then the machine goes for operations testing. It is connected to oxygen and a vessel is repeatedly exercised by filling and firing Benzoic Acid Tablets. Any abnormality is corrected, and the machine is then ready for shipment or goes to the stores.

Before shipment the machine is setup for a customer and a final quality inspection is performed. The sales order is then confirmed with all the parts to assure that the customer gets what is ordered. The machine is then packed for shipment.

All tests and measurements are logged for further reference.

Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. - Designing and Manufacturing of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters
Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. - Designing and Manufacturing of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters
Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. - Designing and Manufacturing of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters

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CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters

The CAL2K bomb calorimeter systems are the most advanced fully automatic "dry" static jacket isothermal bomb calorimeter systems available today. A quality product which produces accurate results.

The calorimeters can operate as either a stand alone unit or via a PC. The cooler reduces the temperature of a fired vessel by having its hot junction of the peltier elements cooled down by a continuous trickle of mains water supply. The filling station fills the vessel with oxygen at 3000 KPa (3MPa) at a controlled pace, so as not to disturb the sample inside the crucible. The vessel is the heart of the calorimeter system. It has an isothermal design with a microprocessor in its base. The vessel also has a number of temperature sensors within its cylindrical walls, ensuring absolute accuracy.

The CAL2K bomb calorimeter with their easy maintenance and compact size are a must for any calorimetry application. These CAL2K systems are not produced anymore since 2014, but a more modern range with unparalleled features is available. Limited service is still available.

CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System | DDS Calorimeters

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